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It is very easy for us as sales professional, business owners and professionals to look at certain prospecting activities and say to ourselves, “Oh, that would never work for me!”


You can’t say that without putting effort into it and really see if it would work. You can’t say that without actually trying it first. 

Unfortunately, I see that negative attitude all the time. It’s amazing the preconceived notions that people can and do have.

Eventually, it all goes back to expectations and behavior. Why do you think it would never work? Maybe you visited with someone three years ago who tried it about ten years before that and it didn’t work.

So you’re going to base all your decision making on second-hand information from a decade and a half ago?

Things change. Mindsets change. Technology changes. Times change, and if you don’t keep up, you could be left in the poor house.

I’ve many times heard people say that specific networking groups don’t work. Then I’ll talk to someone else, and they’ll tell me that 80% of their business comes from that very networking group.

Do it before you dismiss it. And really give it a chance. Don’t just try it once and dismiss it when it’s not immediately effective. Some prospecting activities take longer than others to really start working. It’s different for each activity, and it’s different for each person.

Remember, just because it doesn’t work for one person, doesn’t mean it’s not going to work for you. Not assuming anything in regards to prospecting activities is very beneficial, and will keep you from making what could be an extremely costly mistake.

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