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Do you ever have prospects refuse to make decisions? Do they ever fight you on the price of your product or service? Do you ever find yourself doing free consulting? Do your prospects ever stall with excuses? 

Using a good sales system keeps you, the salesperson, in control, eliminating those sort of issues. While traditional sales systems play right into the ability of a prospect to maintain control, using the Sandler system keeps you in control.

Why do you need to maintain control? Just like an experienced mountain guide, you’re the expert, guiding your prospect to their ultimate goal. And the only way you can help them find that goal is if you’re in control of the process.

When the prospect is in control,  you have four primary problems. 

  1. There is no clear understanding of their needs.
  2. We are likely to provide solutions to problems that haven’t been well defined.
  3. We’re likely to close at the wrong time, or with the wrong person.
  4. We’re very likely to waste time, money and energy. Ours and the prospect’s. 

Following an established system will take care of all that. It will actually make you more comfortable. It will also let you know where in the process you’re at, and how you can keep everything moving forward.

And if you’re on a team, having everyone follow the same system lets you all speak the same language. It’s much easier to know where everyone else is with their own prospects, making it much easier to step in and help each other. 

Best of all, following the Sandler system helps you get to the prospect’s reasons. After all, people buy for their own reasons, not your reasons.

So follow a system, and you can do things faster, better and even easier most of the time.

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